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Ever Consider a UK Tier 1 Work Visa for Highly Skilled Professionals?

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Your second H-1B term might be about to expire or you may have been recently laid off work, or you are a recent college graduate who is unable to find an employer to sponsor you, or you want to be able to live and work in UK and travel Europe, or you are a highly skilled individual looking for better career opportunities.  Whatever your reason, the UK Tier 1 work visa for highly skilled individuals is a good option to consider as it allows one to enter the UK and look for work or self-employment opportunities.
The UK Tier 1 category was established in 2008 to make UK more globally competitive and attract talent. The Tier 1 category visa is available to any highly skilled worker who can bring professional skills, qualifications and experience to the United Kingdom and does not require a job offer or a sponsorship from an employer for the visa to be granted.
Tier 1 is a point based system and as a highly skilled individual you are awarded points based on your age, qualifications, previous earnings, any prior UK experience, your English language skills and your ability to maintain yourself on your own funds until you are able to find a job. A wide variety of highly skilled individuals, ranging from an experienced doctor to fresh graduates are able to qualify for the Tier 1 visa.  For instance, a more experienced applicant with an established career may not score any points for age, but may make up the lost points by scoring high in earnings points.  A recent college graduate may not yet be able to demonstrate a high salary to qualify for high earnings points, but will be awarded additional points based for his/her younger age.  If you are interested in obtaining a free initial accurate assessment of your eligibility of the visa, feel free to call our office.
The many benefits of the Tier 1 visa, which is initially granted for a two-year period and is renewable further for three years, are that it gives you the same access to the UK job market as a UK passport holder, it allows you to work for any employer you choose, it allows you to change jobs as you like, it does not require sponsorship or a job offer from an employer, it gives you the ability to set up your own business, and best of all it is currently processed by the UK authorities within 4-6 weeks!

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October 1, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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