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Immigrants leaving UK in growing numbers

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Legal immigrants to the United Kingdom (UK) are increasingly more likely to leave the country after a short stay.  The report titled Shall we stay or Shall we Go: Re-migration trends among Britain’s immigrantsdiscloses that in the last two years 400,000 immigrants have left the UK.

Published by the Institute for the Public Policy Research on August 5, 2009, the report makes some interesting observations:

  • Approximately half of the around six million total immigrants to the UK in the last thirty years have left the country
  • The number of people leaving is expected to keep increasing — more than 190,000 left  in 2007, likely to be exceeded in 2008
  • The number of immigrants spending less than four years in the UK doubled between 1996 and 2007
  • According to an on-line survey, 85% of immigrants currently in the UK said they were only planning to stay short term

The findings of the report would likely have an effect on the UK Government’s new points-based immigration and citizenship schemes, which put an emphasis on highly skilled migration and greater integration of immigrants.  Research shows that it’s the migrants with high-end skills and good education who even though tend to come to the UK for economic reasons but are leaving for personal reasons, thus depriving the country of it’s best skilled immigrants.  The current policies also run the risk of affecting employers’ retention strategies used to keep highly skilled immigrants in Britain.

The report makes some policy recommendations to the government to stem this flow of highly-skilled immigrants:

  • Pilot and promote Migration Information Centres and ‘Circular Migration’ schemes so that short stay migration is better managed
  • Actively encourage immigrants to stay longer through using the points based system, retention schemes, simplified visa extensions and tax incentives
  • Ensure that migrant integration strategies take into account the increasing amount of short stay migration
  • Encourage and help foreign students to find jobs in the UK after they graduate through government schemes
  • Improve links with former immigrants to the UK and treating them as a ‘secondary diaspora’ which could be regarded as an economic and diplomatic asset

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August 7, 2009 at 5:21 pm

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