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Immigration Judges Overburdened and Under Strain

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Last week a NY Times article indicated Immigration judges were under strain and overburdened because of surging caseloads and chronic lack of resources to handle immigration cases. Immigration courts are not a part of the judicial branch but run by the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which is an agency of the Justice Department.

A survey and study by Georgetown University published in its law journal found appalling statistics — 59 of the 96 judges, that agreed to participate in the study, revealed that judges were discouraged because of an overwhelming volume of cases with insufficient time for careful review, a shortage of law clerks and language interpreters, and failing computer and recording hearing equipment.  This shortage and overload has been ongoing for more than a couple of years and Alberto Gonzales reported serious problems with overload and flawed rulings in immigration courts in 2006.

A spokesman for the Justice Department has said that the department was to hire more immigration judges and more law clerks for 2010. President Obama will hopefully bring more judges on board and seriously consider mending this broken system by providing increased funding and adequate resources.


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July 13, 2009 at 5:35 pm

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