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FAR E-Verify Regulation Further Delayed

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E-Verify is the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Internet-based system that allows employers to verify employment eligibility by comparing employee information taken from the I-9 form against records kept in Social Security Administration (SSA) and DHS databases. The rule mandates on most federal contractors and subcontractors a modified version of the EVerify/Basic Pilot program—requiring re verification of the workforce and creating vicarious liability for subcontractors.

The last agreed suspension extended the applicability date of the rule to June 30, 2009. Today, the litigants (including SHRM, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the HR Policy Association agreed to extend the applicability date to September 8, 2009, and asked the court to stay the proceedings further to allow President Barrack Obama’s Administration more time to complete its review of this rule.

Under the new applicability date, which is expected to appear sometime this week in the Federal Register, any solicitations that occur prior to September 8, 2009, would not contain the contract clauses that the rule would impose.


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June 3, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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    The British Office of National Statistics, immigrants send home about £4 billion a year in remittances back to their home countries. When this is added to the previously estimated cost of immigration to Britain of £8.8 billion, the grand total of £12.8 billion is reached. Which is about $18 billion US Dollars. The British Islands can be placed in California three and half times. So what is illegal immigration costing the US taxpayers compared to the United Kingdom? The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says the flow of remittances to Latin America has doubled in the past four years, to an estimated $55 billion this year–and that’s just Latin America? Obviously the US government keeps it undisclosed.

    But if you add up the demands of foreign nationals for free health care, education, food stamps, low income housing and so much more, that is guaranteed by forced federal mandates and state give-aways We must demand E-Verify that is permanent and not at the mercy of poisoned political influence. E-Verify should not be just for new employees, but everybody who has been with the company for even ten years or more. Unless the bloggers hadn’t commented on the Internet, most communities would have remained in the media’s perpetual darkness about E-Verify.

    The Obama administration has been instrumental in trying to kill E-Verify, with an assortment of excuses. Most of the majority Democratic liberals have played games with American workers lives, even to weaken it and allowing at least 300 thousand foreign nationals to gain employment from contractors under the Stimulus bill. US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, La Raza and other anti-American, anti-sovereignty groups have massive nefarious influence on our Washington. The open border free traders legislators who are continually eroding away our constitutional rights. It’s disgusting that the free trade cartels are using their political insiders such as Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker of the house Pelosi and many more to allow the free movement of uneducated, uncivilized, poor to infiltrate every community in our lands. It is an unforgivable offense to push for an AMNESTY or as they like to call it Immigration reform, when over ten million Americans are jobless.

    The morons who are promised to protect all Americans, are really pandering to minorities and the business executives, who want the cheapest workers they can find–without any extras including health care. A very upgraded E-verify application that any literate computer person can use, can begin the attrition of clearing our nation of illegal foreigners. Since the 1960’s they have brought unrestrained criminals, subversives, who have no motive drive-by shooting to prove a point. From wherever they have come, they have tried to force on the American people a nasty form of multiculturalism and fundamentalist religions which attributes to increasing violence. A few officers of the law such as Sheriff Ariapo, have enforced immigration laws on a county level, to be purposely restrained by corrupt politicians such as the new Homeland security chief Napolitano. She is like so many elected officials who make grand entrances, promising to enforce the laws and while admonishing anybody who does. She and her thrall have incapacitated Sheriff Joe in the past, to do his job along with Arizona’s governor. All these spineless characters need to be shown the exit, when they appear for re-election?

    We have been forced by federal law to accommodate them with translators in the court system, voting and other measures, when those who came here legally would have been versed in the English language. Americans citizens have been subjected to growing overpopulation, which our politicians seemingly remain quiet about? The pollution in the cities, traffic blockages is an ever growing chaos. We must understand that illegal immigration is causing massive economic setbacks fo our nations own homeless and impoverished. California being the perfect pawn by their governor and Sacramento officials who must cut services, because of the $47 billion budget shortfall. The worst offenders are the liberal press who do not denounce the causes that can be attributed to illegal immigration. There non-democratic principles have allowed the proliferation of Sanctuary States and cities.

    The only way for AMERICANS to get any action is to explode on the Senate and Congressional lawmakers is by phoning their aides direct. A million voices or more will make both the states and Washington politicians to realize, their career jobs are on the line. Their greatest ability is to distract American taxpayers with meaningless issues, that only effects minority groups. Illegal Immigration effects everybody, their jobs, their language, their culture, their moral integrity, their religion. YOU CAN MAKE AN IMMENSE DIFFERENCE? Senate & Representative for your contact at: (202) 224-3121: THESE PEOPLE ARE YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS AND SWORE AN OATH TO YOU?.



    June 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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