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2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

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The U.S. Department of State has released its Individual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.  These reports are indispensable for refugee and assylum seekers.  Broad observations that can be drawn from the Reports are:

  1. In 2008, pushback against demands for greater personal and political freedom continued in many countries across the globe. A disturbing number of countries imposed burdensome, restrictive, or repressive laws and regulations against NGOs and the media, including the Internet.
  2. Human rights abuses remain a symptom of deeper dysfunctions within political systems. The most serious human rights abuses tended to occur in countries where unaccountable rulers wielded unchecked power or there was government failure or collapse, often exacerbated or caused by internal or external conflict.
  3. Healthy political systems are far more likely to respect human rights. Countries in which human rights were most protected and respected were characterized by the following electoral, institutional, and societal elements:
  • Free and fair electoral processes;
  • Representative, accountable, transparent, democratic institutions of government, including independent judiciaries, under the rule of law to ensure that leaders who win elections democratically also govern democratically, and are responsive to the will and needs of the people; and
  • Vibrant civil societies, including independent NGOs and free media.

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March 4, 2009 at 2:04 pm

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