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President Elect Obama’s Plan to deal with the Main Immigration Problems

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Tomorrow, history will be made on the steps of the US Capitol as President Elect Barack Hussein Obama will take the oath of office and enter the oval office. “Change” was Obama’s single-word slogan and it is change that Obama will now have to bring and manage.

At present, many issues plague the process of immigration, the main three problems are:

1. Undocumented illegal immigrants coming in illegally or overstaying their visas. The number of undocumented immigrants in the country has increased more than 40 percent since 2000. Every year, more than a half-million people come illegally or illegally overstay their visas.

2. With the immigration bureaucracy being weak and overwhelmed, those immigrants who are legal become required to wait multiple years before any applications can be made.

3. Raids carried out to oust illegal immigrants have been ineffective by not being as productive as hoped and burdening immigrant families by breaking them up due to a weak system.

President Elect Obama’s plan for each of the problems hindering the immigration process, are:

– Secure the border by improving personnel, technology, and infrastructure in order to create more protected check-points. The secure borders will make it more difficult for those trying to come in illegally.

– Dissuade illegal immigrants from working in the United States by restricting the ability of employers to hire illegal workers. Without the lure of employers willing to hiring illegally, there will be no incentive to cross the borders.

– In order to keep families together, Obama and Biden hope to create a stronger, steadier immigration bureaucracy. With a stronger immigration bureaucracy, it will be possible to have more legal immigrants and fulfill necessary jobs that are currently occupied by illegal immigrants.

– Work with the illegal immigrants by requiring them to pay a fine, learn English, and then wait their respective turn to become a legal citizen. The President Elect also wishes to work with Mexico in order to increase their economy to decrease illegal immigration.


Written by MithrasLaw

January 20, 2009 at 1:24 am

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