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First ID cards in 60 years to be issued by UK to Immigrants

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The Home Office recently announced that from 25 November 2008 they would begin to issue identity cards to UK immigrants applying for further leave to remain in the United Kingdom and falling in certain specified categories. The issue of the first identity cards in more than 60 years will replace stickers and other insecure UK immigration status documents which have been subject to fraud and the Home Office believes that the new identity cards will help protect people from identity fraud and theft and tackle the illegal and immigration abuse situation.

The card was has been unveiled today, September 25th 2008, by Jacqui Smith , the Home Office Secretary is to be issued to people outside the European economic area renewing their permission to stay in the UK as students or on the basis of marriage. The front of red and blue card bears the person’s picture, name, date of birth, their status in the UK and whether they have a right to work and the back of the card gives the person’s town and country of birth, gender and whether they have the right to UK state benefits.  The biographic details are the person’s fingerprints.

The home office expects to issue up to one million cards to foreign nationals in Britain over the next years starting November 25, 2008 at offices in Croydon, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Although the identity cards issued will be mandatory to foreign nationals, UK citizens will not have to apply, or carry one, until further legislation is introduced.


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September 28, 2008 at 7:48 pm

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  1. I saw a card a guy had at an airport last week he showed a TSA guy, that could answer all these problems for the brits, he called it; the SAFE CARD. This is something everybody needs. Why can’t the brits adopt a card like that SAFE CARD.? It seems ID theft or proving your identity would be eliminated…. a thing of the past. That card can be used for everything and “NO” body can use it except the owner of the card, or get any information off it, its fraud proof. His card had 10 charge accounts on it. You want security… that is the max and I know it didn’t cost him a billion pounds. This guy even had a device he plugged into his computer and in seconds he was in his Paypal account, no user name or password, he just touched this device with his finger and bingo, he was in his account. That has to be the coolest thing I have ever seem. They even have a system online: that does everything online and you don’t have to give out your personal information to do transactions. You know the best part of that card and device is; the only one who owns it can use it, and your biometric information does not go to any central registrar or any database…. “nice”…. it stays right on the card. I though it was to good to be true so I checked it out with other people using it…. and it is real, you have to check it out…. there’s no information anybody could get even if they got a card or that device. I think the website is Now this is what we need for a real ID…cheers.

    Joe N.

    October 7, 2008 at 2:54 am

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